You are probably wondering what ROW is….  Well, what about the “Rest Of the World.  Yes, we can deliver globally with our registration and compliance with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS).  We are also registered with the International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR).

What does that mean?  It means we can request for export licensing of items falling within the ITAR rules for export and import of defense-related articles and services on the United States Munitions List (USML).

We have the expertise to work with Military/Government Defense requirements. Additionally, we can support various military aircrafts: USA, NATO or EASTERN BLOC aircraft or components; to include, the maintenance and repairs.

Fighters and Bombers


Military Aircraft Support

A-4 Fighting hawk
A-37 Dragonfly
B-1 Lancer
B-2 Spirit
B-52 Strato-fortress
C-130 Hercules
C-2 Greyhound
C-5 Galaxy
F-5 Tiger
F-15 Eagle
F-16 Fighting Falcon
F/A-18 Hornet
F-22 Raptor
F-35 Lightning
F-103 Mirage Ill
KC-135 Strato-tanker
KC-10 Extender
Mirage F2000
P-3 Orion
V-22 Osprey



Corporate Support

Beechcraft 99A
CASA C-101
CASA C-212
CASA C-295
R-35A Learjet
R-99 EMBRAER 145
T-1 Jayhawk
T-6 Texan II
T-25 Universal
T-35 Pillan
T-37 Tweet
T-38 Talon
T-45 Goshawk
T-56 Allison



Helicopter Support

Bell 412
AH-64 Apache
AH-1 Super Cobra
CH-46 Sea Knight
CH-47 Chinook
H-34 Super Puma
MH-60 Seahawk
UH-1 Iroquois
UH-50 Esquilo
UH-60 Black Hawk

We also support NATO and EASTERN BLOC crafts

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